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Community Firewood Program

Sale Hours

Monday - Friday

8AM - 12PM

Call: (541) -782-3422

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Firewood Pricing

Senior, Disabled, *Low-Income, or *Sole Source 

   $175 per cord

General Price

   $225 per cord 

Optional Delivery

   $35 per cord 

* Subsidized sales are available for sole source or low-income homes that have a Home Heating Exemption. Home Heating Exemption applications are available at Inbound during sale hours. Digital copies available by request.

About the Program

What is It?

The Community Firewood Program (CFP) offers seasoned, dry firewood to Oakridge and surrounding communities residents (Westfir, High Prairie) to reduce the woodsmoke impacts locally that are caused from burning green and unseasoned wood. The subsidized price for low-income, disabled, exempt, or senior residents is $150 per cord + delivery. The general price for other community members is $200 per cord + delivery. Preference and priority will be given to the subsidized program.

Why is it Important?

Woodsmoke in the winter contributes to poor air quality and impacts our community’s health and economic development. For several years, Oakridge has been out of attainment with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards until recently this past year. The efforts locally to upgrade to certified woodstoves, install ductless heat pumps, and weatherize homes has helped reduce the impact.

Community Health: Residential wood smoke contains PM2.5, carbon monoxide (CO), toxic air pollutants (e.g., benzene and formaldehyde) and other gases (e.g. methane and black carbon) which contribute to cancer risk and other significant community health issues, such as asthma and heart problems.

Economic Development: Because the City of Oakridge has been in non-attainment and in violation of federal air quality standards it affects the potential for new businesses to move or start operations in Oakridge. Non-attainment status also bears the risk of losing federal funding dollars which limits industrial economic development options within the community and Lane County.


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About Us

This program is a result of the partnership between the City of Oakridge, Southern Willamette Forest Collaborative (SWFC), Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA), and Inbound LLC working together to reduce woodsmoke pollution in the surrounding Oakridge airshed. Additionally, this project would not be possible without the support of local companies and sponsors including Seneca, Jerry Swearingen, Roseburg, Union Pacific Railroad that have donated wood or materials to the program.

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