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Inbound, LLC

- Experienced Government Contractor - Firewise Contractor - Licensed General Contractor - Proud United States Navy Veteran - Licensed Bonded and Insured -

Inbound, LLC Wildland Firefighting

Who We Are

At Inbound, we pride ourselves on providing professional contracting services and while creating a diverse and inclusive work place for our team members.

We encourage sustainable forestry activities, including a healthy respect for the role of Mother Nature in the grand scheme.  


Current Fire Readiness Condition

Low Condition (Green). This condition is declared when there is a low risk of wildland fire.  Inbound takes the following  general measures to ensure readiness: Refining response plan and exercising as appropriate; Ensuring personnel receive proper training and are ready for deployment; Institutionalizing a process to assure that all facilities and personnel are regularly assessed for vulnerabilities to wildland fire preparedness, and all reasonable measures are taken to mitigate these vulnerabilities; Require essential personnel to check in bi-weekly.

The best way to check in is to email or call the office at 541-782-1814

Check out the Fire Condition Matrix

Current Fires where Inbound is Working

All of our firefighters have safely returned from their assignments.

Services We Offer


Firewise Contracting

More and more Oregonians are living in what is known as the wildland-urban interface - where homes and other structures are built in or near forests.  This population expansion into rural areas has increased the risk of human-caused fires in the forest and has also placed more lives and property in the potential path of fires from forestlands. Today, more than a quarter-million homes in Oregon are at high risk from wildfire.  Out of the 15.8 million acres of private and public forestland protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry, 3.5 million acres are considered wildland-urban interface.

Wildfire Suppression

Inbound has been providing wildland fire suppression support across the Western United States since 2005.

We have more than 100 wildland fire fighters trained and ready to respond to wildfires. Inbound provides crews for hazard fuels reduction, biomass removal, thinning, piling, pile burning, scotch-broom eradication, trail maintenance, trail building, stand exams, tree marking, and other work in the nation's forests. 

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