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Gear Checklist

War Bag

Individuals are required to have a durable duffel bag that is capable of carrying about 50 lbs. Every fire dispatch may require air travel, so be prepared. Must have minimal pockets or zippers. Inbound is not responsible for damage to anything in your war bag, so please don't pack breakable items​.

  • 28 Pairs of Socks 

  • 14 Pairs of Underwear

  • 14 T-Shirts

  • 1 Pair of Shorts

  • 1 City Outfit

  • Sweatshirt

  • Wool Cap

  • Cot or Tent (2 person or smaller)

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Pillow

  • Shower Shoes​​

  • Hygiene Kit

  • First Aid - Blisters, Poison Oak, 

  • Compass, GPS, Whistle, Pocket Size Mirror

Personal Protection & Equipment

PP&E is the gear you must have on the fire line. This will include:

  • Hard Hat and Headlamp - (Company Provided)  

  • Fire Shelter - (Company Provided)

  • Boots - 8” Vibram Sole leather - (Employee Provided, eligible for boot allowance after 30 days of work)

  • Line Pack - (Company Provided if needed)

  • 2 Nomex Uniforms - (Company Provided)

  • Goggles & Safety Glasses - (Company Provided)

  • Leather gloves - (Company Provided)

Additional Items

  • Lunch (During the first 24 hrs you supply your own food)

  • Rain gear ( it does rain hard out there) (Employee provided)

  • Extra Hearing Protection (Company provides two pair)

  • At least one quart of water (must be full when you arrive at the fire)

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