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Inbound takes pride in providing professional wildland firefighting contract crews that uphold the standards and values of the profession. Through hard work, determination and preparedness, our wildland firefighters consistently receive high marks for their performance while on assignment.

Inbound recognizes that our personnel represent the organization’s strongest asset. Providing a safe and drug free work environment is of the utmost importance at Inbound and is considered paramount to the success of our business. For this reason, Inbound has established a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and the Code of Conduct for our supervisors.

Wildland firefighters that work for Inbound have outstanding work ethic, are extremely dependable, and are self-disciplined individuals with a desire to perform the daily challenges, while exhibiting a healthy respect for Mother Nature's role in the big picture! 


Due to Covid-19 restrictions Inbound will be conducting self guided online RT-130 and New Firefighter training. Field days will be conducted during the month of June, please check the training calendar.

Returning firefighters who pack tested and refreshed in 2019 will need to do their pre-season refresher using online resources. Here is a good link to check out  https://www.nwcg.gov/publications/training-courses/rt-130/2020-update 

A health screen questionaire will need to be completed in place of a pack test.

New firefighters will need to complete the required online FEMA course (IS-700) and also complete an online New Firefighter training consisting of the S-190 and S-130. New Firefighters will then need to complete the pack test and field day in the month of June, please check training calendar for dates.

Online courses for the S-190 and S-130 are available free of charge on the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) website at nwcg.gov/publications/training-courses. You must use Google Chrome browser and enable Flash Player to view the online course material. Also please note that you will need to be on a computer attached to a functioning printer before beginning the challenge review for each class.

Once you have completed your required online work  please email Inbound your certificates to reserve your spot in one of our June field days.

New Hire Application

Returning FFT Application

Employee Handbook

2020 Payroll Calendar


Wildland firefighting requires a high level of physical fitness in order to safely perform the work. You can expect difficult environmental conditions including uneven terrain, extreme temperatures, and smoke. All applicants must be 18 and up, those applying as a driver must be 21 and up. Physical fitness is mandatory for individual and crew member safety. Applicants will complete a required physical fitness test carrying forty-five pounds for three miles in under 45 minutes.



Please note Inbound, LLC will only authorize payment for the Department of Labor (DOL) physical exam not the DOT exam.

First time drivers need the following:

  • Department of Labor physical Exam- Good for two years

  • Fingerprints

  • Application at link above, pages number 1 and 4 only (Check the FLCE Initial box)

  • Copy of drivers license

Returning drivers need the following:

  • Department of Labor physical exam if the one on file is older than 2 years

  • Fingerprints if the original application is greater than 3 years

  • Copy of drivers license

  • Application at link above, pages number 1 and 4 only (check the FLCE Renewal box)



Wildland firefighters often work long hours, averaging 12-14 hours a day (80-100hrs/week). You may be dispatched to wildfire assignments for up to 14 days straight or more if fire conditions warrant.
The starting wage is approximately $17.50/hr which consists of a base pay of $12.75/hr plus $4.75/hr for 'health and welfare' benefits. We will pay more if you are a Veteran, thank you for your service! Health and welfare is subject to change based on government contract specifications. Health and welfare is not subject to overtime pay.  Pay rate presumes employee provides their own boots.  Inbound will provide boots if necessary, but your pay rate will be $12.25/hr. Overtime hours worked will be paid at time and a half, not including benefits. Sick time is 1 hour accrued per 30 hours worked.


Inbound actively seeks out veterans of the armed services to employ under the federal and state contracts that we receive.  We proudly employ several disabled veterans and find that veterans perform very well in the type of work that we specialize in.

Sawyer or EMT Experience

We pay extra for EMT certification and/or sawyer experience. We provide Stihl's, S212 training and certification.


Employment Checklist


Gear Checklist



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