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Green Grubber - Wildland Firefighting Tool

The Green Grubber is an extreme wildland firefighting tool used by hand crews to dig trail across the western United States.  The Green Grubber is designed by Roger Green, a former wildland firefighter.  Roger has spent years perfecting the design to include virtually indestructible construction, a curved face to facilitate entry of the tool, and a custom designed bracket made of either brass or aluminum.  In addition, the blade is manufactured from knife grade steel and is heat treated to over 50 on the Brinell scale.

Inbound, LLC is a proud user of the green grubber and is pleased to be the only official distributor.  Our fire crews have tested this tool under the most extreme conditions, including using the tool in lava rock and extreme temperatures.  This tool is the preferred tool by our firefighters for fireline construction.

The "garden grubber" is a variation of the green grubber designed for use by gardeners when they would like to move more dirt, more quickly.  The larger face of the garden grubber allows for deeper soil penetration with less effort.  Please call for pricing.

Green Grubber Pricing:

Quantity     Brass     Heat Treated Alum

   1               $80              $75   10              $75              $70  100             $70               $65

* Includes Bolt Kits, Selected Bracket, Grubber Blade, and 36" Hickory Handle For wholesale orders contact 503.892.3663.

Spring Special: Get the next quantity discount on your order before July 1.

Option: Engrave up to 15 characters for $5 more on each blade.

Specifications: -1075 Steel (1095 pricing available upon request)



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